About Us

  • Muhammet Gevrek

    Wholesaler, business IT specialist and lover of vintage furniture.

    Why this hobby? It is part of my childhood. I visited flea markets in Berlin and the surrounding area with my father almost every weekend.
    Since then, old furniture has been my passion.

    Furniture that is not off the shelf. Furniture that tells a story. Furniture with character.
    Finding the most beautiful vintage furniture across Europe and offering it to you gives me great pleasure.

  • Furniture Berlin

    As long-standing and enthusiastic furniture dealers, we have followed our calling and turned our passion into our profession.

    As native Berliners, we naturally chose Berlin as the headquarters of our company. This allows us to benefit from the enormous diversity of this city. We can therefore offer you unique and rare pieces from different periods.

    Our expertise includes specializations in Scandinavian and German mid-century furniture from the 1950s to the 1970s. However, we regularly receive "treasures" from other periods, which we are happy to offer to you. Each piece of furniture is carefully chosen and tells its own story.

    We carefully take some particularly exquisite pieces of furniture that already show more severe signs of wear and tear and carefully recondition them. In this way, we contribute to the preservation of these unique pieces. By preserving and reconditioning furniture, we and you are making a major contribution to protecting the environment, as resources are scarce.

    We are a customer-oriented company and place great value on the satisfaction of our customers. Take a look around without obligation and let the pieces of jewelry have an effect on you. Whether in the living room, dining room or bedroom. With our furniture you bring a piece of history into your home.

    • Every vintage piece of furniture is refurbished.
    • Every piece of vintage furniture has been cleaned.
    • Repair of minor damages before delivery.
    • Collection possible from our warehouse.
    • On request, delivery to your door.

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